State Representative Terrence Upchurch is Self-Made

Meet our client, State Representative (D- Cleveland), Terrence Upchurch. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, he took the oath of office during the opening session of the 133rd Ohio General Assembly at the Ohio Statehouse in January 2019 and still hold the position today. Rep. Upchurch stated: "I remain humbled to have been sent to Columbus to work for the great citizens of District 10 and the state of Ohio. Serving the state that I love has been my greatest achievement. From the moment I announced my intentions to seek public office, I believed a dedicated government could root out injustice and build a fairer community for all. Those beliefs are why I am proud of the work I have done to push for reforms that fulfill our promise of equality for all as well as fight for justice against corruption and special interest that doesn’t protect the needs and well-being of our citizens. These beliefs have been my guiding principles from the moment I placed my hand on the Bible in front of friends and family as I took the oath of office. It is also why I believe public servants must always hold themselves and their counterparts to the highest ethical standards." Congratulations Terrence! We are honored you chose Self-Made for your garment needs. #BeSelfMade