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The New Way Companies Are Showing Appreciation to Employees

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Companies are booking their own "Self-Made Day" through Self-Made Couture to boost morale in the office.

Even in the most uncertain of times, the role of a business owner or manager remains the same: to support your team members. Depending on your organization, you and your team may now be working remotely or working modified duties on site but regardless of the changes, the ongoing health and economic threat of COVID-19, can have a significant impact on employee wellbeing. As a leader, it’s important to think about how to support your staff, particularly those struggling with stress and other emotions.

Luckily, Self-Made Couture is here to help! We have a new way you can provide support, both in and beyond the workplace through hosting a "Self-Made Day" for your team.

What is a Self-Made Day?

A "Self-Made Day" is a completely free service that the Self-Made Couture Team provides. We will come to your place of work for a few hours on the day you choose and your employees can feel fabrics in person, have our expert stylists take their measurements and design their perfect looks for increased success.

On that day we will provide:

  • Free access to our premium custom made/bespoke garments (suits start at $489 USD / $589 CAD)

  • Free access to European and other fine fabrics to see & feel in person

  • Free access to premium customization & personalization options

  • Free style consultation complete with measurement & fit analysis

  • Free alteration credit (if needed, to ensure excellent fit)

  • Flexible payment plan option (US only)

  • Free hand delivery (4 week turn around time) to ensure satisfaction

Why have a Self-Made Day?

You know the saying, “look good, feel good, do good”? That's what we are offering your company. Studies show that how you look directly impacts how you feel so to help your employees look amazing we will come to you to make it as easy as possible for you to boost team morale and maximize business opportunities and results at your company.

To learn more visit: https://selfmadecouture.com/pages/self-made-day

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